Meet Kasia

Kasia means Katherine In English

Originally from Poland I hold a degree in tourism policy and planning, and the love of traveling brought me to US two decades ago. I loved everything that I saw here and decided to stay. It's been a beautiful journey and it keeps on giving.
When I don't take pictures, I create memories with my family, read and play tennis, and take care of my 7 pets .



With a blessing of digital technology came a curse. Each of us owns a phone camera now and takes hundreds and thousands of pictures no bigger than the size of our palm. We take them, look at them couple of times and send them to a "cloud" to almost never see them again. That needs to change! We, our children have to exist in prints again. They need to be displayed on the wall, proudly stand in beautiful frames for everyone to see. Albums have to be filled again with images documenting life's precious moments. I am not here to just give you a digital file, I'm here to give you a visible, tangible memory in a beautiful form.

Leave a legacy for your family, be in your photos with your kids, show the world how much they were loved. Your family portraits and all those special in-between moments that you are unaware of me capturing are always my couples favorite images. You can trust me to capture your special connection to your family members in a relaxed and candid manner.