What is Kasia's Model Team?

#KMT is an exclusive team of students that are part of an amazing experience, representing various schools. It's a group of young outgoing people that want to have fun, give back to community and make a difference.

It's a group of freshmen, sophomores and juniors that act as brand influencers for Kasia Sutton Photography.

(Rising seniors can apply to be a part of SENIOR SPOKESMODEL TEAM.)

Each #KMT student will participate in at least one individual session geared towards their interest and personality.

#KMT members will also have opportunity to participate in unique group photo sessions like smoke bomb shoots, spirit wear, ice cream shop etc. They can also help with designing their own shoots.

senior SPOKESModel team

Our senior model team goes beyond a regular model team. It is only offered to next year graduates who will receive countless perks including a complimentary mini session before the senior year starts, digital images to share with friends, an individual senior shoot designed just for them , access to group and friends events like prom, styled studio session (great for athletes and musicians with their gear), spirit wear, grad, cap and gown throughout their senior year. Other perks include cash bonuses for referrals, extra images, prints, discounts for all the items in our store, and more.


is looking for students from different schools, big and small. We want athletes, music enthusiasts, those who focus on education, participate in different clubs and school activities, are outgoing and kind.

If you are interested please fill the contact information and we will send you a link to an application with all the information.